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Child Custody and Visitation

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Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

If you are going through a divorce or otherwise seeking child custody or visitation, it is important to balance your goals with the best interests of your child or children so that you can pursue a resolution that works well for everyone.

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Seeking an Arrangement That Reflects the Child’s Best Interests

Typically, when a child’s parents get divorced or separated, the court will grant one parent physical custody, and the other parent will get visitation rights, as well as the right to participate in important decisions affecting the child’s life, referred to as legal custody.

Under Tennessee family law, child custody and visitation arrangements must be based on the best interests of the child rather than the interests of either parent. The courts generally try to achieve as much continuity as possible for children. If one parent has been primarily responsible for caring for the child and interacting with his or her teachers and doctors, that parent is more likely to get primary custody in order to provide continuity.

If both parents have been equally involved in the child’s life, the court may grant relatively equal custody time or grant one parent more visitation time than normal (which can also affect the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent has to pay).

Myth vs. Fact: Mothers and Child Custody

Many people assume that a child’s mother will get primary custody by default. While mothers traditionally were favored for custody and still usually are awarded physical custody, this is changing as fathers are taking on a more active role in parenting and asserting their rights as a father in court.

Ultimately, every case is unique, and the outcome depends on all of the factors relevant to the best interests of the child. Don’t hesitate to free consultation to discuss your rights as a parent and your options for child custody and visitation with one of the lawyers at our firm.