Are You a Victim of a Hernia Mesh Injury

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Are you familiar with the medical product causing injury to those who have had hernia surgery?

It’s called a hernia mesh–a product commonly used in hernia surgery. It is made of a plastic known as polypropylene. In its most basic terms, the plastic gets absorbed into the body and can often times create complications such as infections, abscesses and non-healing wounds. In recent months, one of the latest items used to repair hernia, the Perfix Plug, has come under scrutiny with lawsuits emerging across the country.

A lawsuit filed by a man in Texas who suffered excruciating pain and, ultimately, the loss of his right testicle after receiving the Perfix Plug, stated that over 100,000 hernia meshes are implanted in the United States. Despite a recall from a known manufacturer of hernia meshes, they were still being sold and placed into the market. This failure to act despite knowledge that these meshes are known to cause harm has given rise to the many lawsuits.

There is no excuse for failure to act on the part of the giant corporations who manufacture these products.

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